Mercedes M-Class W163

since 1997 release

Repair and operation of the car

Mercedes W163
- Mercedes-Benz cars of a class M (W163)
   Identification numbers of the car
   Acquisition of spare parts
   Poddomkrachivaniye and towage
   Start of the engine from the auxiliary power supply
   Diagnostics of malfunctions
+ Governing bodies and methods of safe operation
+ Current leaving and service
+ Engine
+ Cooling systems, heating and air conditioner
+ A power supply system and production of the fulfilled gases
+ Systems of electric equipment of the engine
+ Manual box of gear shifting
+ Automatic transmission
+ Transmission line
+ Brake and auxiliary systems
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment

Poddomkrachivaniye and towage



The regular jack is intended only for short-term raising of the car when replacing a wheel, before performance of any works under the car it is necessary to establish it on special props!

  1. The automobile jack complete with a balloon key is in a pocket under a cover of the right side panel of finishing of the luggage compartment.

1 — the Jack

  1. The regular spare wheel of a compact design fastens from below under the car, - having grasped with TWO hands, remove the central cover from a rear bumper.

The attempt of removal of a cover by its procrastination for a middle part is accompanied by risk of its damage!

  1. By means of a key from a set of the onboard tool turn out up to the end a bolt (2), - the bolt has to remain in the holder, raise assembly of a wheel and the screw-driver wring out the lever (3). Turn a basic arm of a wheel down and extend it on yourself, further, having turned against the stop counterclockwise, remove a bayonet lock, then remove a protector and take a spare wheel.

2 — the Fixing bolt
3 — the Lever

The failed wheel to the place of the compact spare wheel cannot be established, - place it in a tarpaulin cover and fix in the luggage compartment (the description of rules of fixing of freight in the luggage compartment is provided in the Head Governing bodies and methods of safe operation).

  1. Not beefy spare wheel of a compact design is located on models ML 55 AMG in the casing (3) fixed at the left in the luggage compartment (shooters showed clamps of fastening of a cover)
  1. On models ML 55 AMG not beefy spare wheel of a compact design is stored in the special casing fixed at the left in the luggage compartment, - release clamps and uncover a casing. The wheel is fixed in a casing by means of three screws. The regular place of fastening of the compressor of a rating of tires is located under a cover of the left side panel of finishing of the luggage compartment and equipped with a fixing thong, - previously it is necessary to dismantle a spare wheel casing.
  2. At the corresponding complete set the spare wheel (any design) can be fixed on a special arm behind a car back door, - release a clamp, having turned the blocking lever in the corresponding direction. Turn out fixing bolts and remove a wheel from an arm where then the failed wheel can be established. At transfer of an arm to transport situation track reliability of its fixing.

The developed arm can close assembly of the combined back lamp, - do not forget to expose an emergency sign!

The movement on the car with a loose external arm of a spare wheel is inadmissible!

The cars equipped with the external holder of a zapanny wheel should not be subjected to a sink on automatic transfer lines.

  1. In a casing the spare wheel is fixed by three bolts (2), - models ML 55 AMG
  1. Pocket under fastening of the electric compressor of a rating of tires

1 — the Compressor
2 — Repair TIREFIT-KIT putty

  1. The lever of blocking of an external arm of fastening of a spare wheel (1), - for an otpuskaniye to turn in the direction of an arrow
  1. Park the car on the flat horizontal platform, whenever possible with a hard coating.
  2. Cock the parking brake.
  3. At the corresponding complete set transfer the AT selector lever to situation "P".
  1. Prop up antiretractable boots the wheel located on diagonal from a subject to replacement.

At implementation of the procedure on a bias it is necessary to enclose boots under both wheels of a serviceable axis from descent.

  1. Prepare the necessary tool (a jack, a balloon key) and a spare wheel (see above).
  2. At the corresponding complete set take off a protective cap of a disk, then weaken bolts of fastening of the failed wheel.
  1. Get a jack head under a special body arm behind (forward wheels) or ahead (back wheels) a wheel arch. Track that the heel of a jack rested all the surface against soil, - at friable soil enclose under a heel a special lining (in winter season it is useful to have a piece of a wide board in the car).
  1. Remember that regardless of existence of a bias the jack always has to hold strictly vertical position.
  1. Rotating a driving neck, achieve a full separation of the wheel which is subject to replacement from the earth.
  2. Turn out wheel bolts and make replacement of a wheel, having evenly tightened bolts in a diagonal order (star) with the required effort (150 Nanometers).

For fastening of wheels only company bolts with designation of the Mercedes-Benz logo have to be used!

  1. Check pressure of a rating of the installed spare wheel, in case of need make the corresponding adjustment (4.3 kgfs/cm 2).

The maximum admissible duration of continuous operation of the electric compressor for a rating of tires makes 8 minutes.

  1. Put the removed wheel and the tool on the regular places.


Towage of the emergency vehicle


At towage with the lifted forward bridge, and also at control of the parking brake at the stand for test of brakes the engine has to be switched off, - otherwise owing to the active braking action of electronic antistrange (ESP) there can be a damage of the brake system of the back bridge!

  1. Strictly speaking, the emergency car should be transported on the tow truck.
  2. If it is not possible to avoid towage, it is the most reasonable to make it on a rigid hitch (the ignition key of the emergency car has to be turned in situation 2).

It is necessary to remember that at a detachment or in case of a full discharge of the rechargeable battery shutdown of blocking of a wheel is not possible, as well as removal of the lever of the AT selector (at the corresponding complete set) from situation "P"!

  1. At damage of the transfer case before towage of the car it is necessary to disconnect driveshafts from the leading bridges.
  2. Towage of the car with the damaged forward bridge has to be made with a separation of the last from the earth and with the shaft disconnected back cardan.
  3. At damage of the back bridge towage is made with a separation of the last from the earth with the forward wheels got on the special cart.
  4. Use the towing cable which is only specially intended for this purpose at towage of the emergency vehicle. Use of modern synthetic materials allowed to market towing cables of the elastic design minimizing danger of breaks as a result of hit of a sling under wheels of the towed car.
    The towing element (cable/bar) has to cling only to a special towing eye, - at all not to a bumper or elements of a suspension bracket.
  5. The forward towing eye is located under a bumper, back on the right - on the right under the decorative cover opening by a poddevaniye the screw-driver.
  1. Location of a forward towing eye (1)
  1. Location of a back towing eye (2), - models of a basic equipment
  1. Location of a back towing eye (models ML 55 AMG and all models of a special complete set Styling Packet AMG)

1 — the Cover
2 — the Towing eye

  1. The driver of the towing car has to try to move as much as possible evenly, smoothly releasing coupling at gear shifting and, especially, at start-off from the place.
    Do not forget to turn a key in the lock of ignition of the towed car in situation 2, otherwise inevitably there will be a blocking of a steering column. Besides, at the included ignition also indexes of turns and stoplights are activated.

Activation of indexes of turns at the switched-on alarm system leads to temporary shutdown of the last.

  1. At control of the towed vehicle you watch that during the movement the cable constantly remained tense, - manipulating a foot brake, try not to allow sharp breakthroughs and arrivals on a proslablenny cable.
  2. Remember that at the switched-off engine efficiency of braking of the car considerably decreases because the vacuum amplifier of brakes ceases to function. At the same time it is necessary to squeeze out a pedal of a foot brake with much big, than usually by effort, when performing maneuvering the bigger effort should be put also to a steering wheel the steering pump will also not function.
  3. Before a start of motion drivers of both vehicles (towing and towed) should coordinate among themselves a route.
  4. The movement has to be carried out only with moderate speeds, along the shortest route and observance of traffic regulations. Avoid sharp braking, accelerations and maneuvering. Remember that at towage of the car on the region of the dirt road there is always a danger of demolition on a roadside.

Features of towage of the emergency cars equipped with AT


At a detachment or in case of a full discharge of the rechargeable battery removal of the lever of the AT selector from situation "P" is not possible!

  1. The cars equipped with AT can be towed by the forward course on all four wheels with a speed which is not exceeding 50 km/h and on distance no more than 50 km.

Non-compliance maximum speeds or distances of towage can lead to damage of the transmission.

  1. Before towage check the level of transmission liquid (see the Section Replacement and check of the ATF level, replacement of the AT filter), - at the insufficient ATF level, it is necessary to make necessary adjustment, or to tow the car only with the driving wheels which are torn off from the earth.

Towage of the equipped car AT on long distances, and also with the failed transmission has to be made only with a separation of driving wheels from the earth, or with the disconnected driveshafts, - ideally - on a tow truck platform.

  1. Make the following preparatory procedures:
  1. Release the parking brake;
  2. Start the engine;
  3. Transfer the selector lever to situation "D", then - to neutral ("N");
  4. Kill the engine;
  5. Turn the ignition key in situation 2 (do not leave it in situation 0 at all);
  6. The "Automatic Locking of Doors during the Movement" function can be switched off.

Towage for the purpose of start of the engine

Before starting start of the engine by method of towage of the car, it is necessary whenever possible to try to use the auxiliary power supply (see below).

Models with RKPP


  1. Towage for the purpose of start of the engine has to be made at the connected rechargeable battery and turned in the lock situation 2 by the ignition key.
  2. Start of the engine by method of pushing or towage has to be made only at the cold engine and the catalytic converter. Avoid repeated long attempts of start.

Models with AT


Start of the engine of the equipped AT by method of towage or pushing is not possible, - in case of need use the auxiliary power supply.